Pushing Tin – Well, Not Exactly

My time in Leadership North Texas Class 8 wrapped up in mid-May with a trip to the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. While it was a long-haul from Plano, it was a cool place to explore.

My favorite stop? The Air Traffic Control tower.

The work the controllers do is just as cool as I thought it would be.

And letting us go out on the catwalk was a DEFINITE win. So much fun!!!

My grandpa would have loved this.

Having four F-16s whiz by when we were wrapping up was also really cool.

We also got to crawl on a gi-normis wrecker truck. We also got to hold some seriously big guns, but I’m not posting any of those photos.

As any class should, we toasted the end of our official year together.

Although I won’t miss the long-haul drives to our meeting locations, I will miss the carpool gang I got to know quite well over the course of our year together.


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