Eye Spy | A Warby Parker Review

Let’s just put this out there: Getting older sucks in some ways. Just as you’ve dug into new levels of self-confidence and self-awareness, along comes crud like biology and the inevitability of age.

For me, it’s eyesight. I struggled with horrible blind-as-a-bat eyesight for years. Then I had lasik eye surgery in 1998 and everything changed. Easy to read road signs! The ability to see my alarm clock! No eyeglasses! Wonderful.

Then hello to 45 and a vague awareness that the tv screen and slideshows on distant screens weren’t quite as crisp as they used to be.


If I have to wear eyeglasses for improved distance viewing, I’m at least going to be a wise spender while being fashionable at the same time.

Enter Warby Parker.

Simply go online and select up to 5 styles you’d like to try on. A few days later, tester frames arrive in the mail.


Check out what I checked out (all photos taken at the end of a veeeery long workday):


Seriously, I didn’t even try to smile.




Then you simply return all of the testers, go back online to select the pair you prefer, upload your prescription and wait.


Voila! Easy fashionable glasses. At just $95, that’s a deal I can handle.

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