Absolutely Not…Ok, Let’s

When I joined my team just over a year ago, I was told the team loved to go bowling. In fact, bowling would be a great idea for a holiday party.

Absolutely not, I said. I may have my own bowling shoes, bowling ball and towel, but we aren’t bowling for a holiday party.

So we didn’t. We had Tex-Mex and a photo booth and door prizes and fun together.


But that was about a holiday party, not about bowling in general.

All of which explains why our team headed to the bowling alley on a Friday afternoon last month. We’ve had a crazy summer, full of to-do’s (including some “why did we do’s?”), hot weather and general exhaustion.

Put those things together and you have a team about to burnout if you don’t step back and just have a little fun.


And ohmygosh, I’d forgotten how much fun bowling can be, particularly when you don’t really care how you do and instead can just cheer and laugh.



By the way: This is the greatest team EVER (minus one, who was out on our retreat afternoon).


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