Becoming a Sew-and-Sew

So (sew?) I did it…I finally purchased my very first new-to-me sewing machine.

[ Insert angelic chorus here. ]

For years, I’ve used hand-me-downs from my mom and my mother-in-law. While those machines performed admirably, they both eventually stopped functioning in frustratingly basic areas. Like the machine that wouldn’t backstitch. And the other machine that wouldn’t wind a bobbin.

It was time for something new.


As you’d expect, our boy kitties (lovers of all things in boxes) were curious about the newest box to arrive in the house.


Unfortunately, said kitties were also interested in the sewing process.


One was very interested – and promptly got booted from the sewing area after “helping” my thread. There’s only so much machine rethreading I want to do, even if the machine makes it easy.


To test the machine, I did a very simple straight-stitch project: A fancy pillow. I had leftover material from several projects (circa 2010 and 2011…sigh). I made a simple pillowcase, then fancied it up with decorative lines of stitching and a billion decorative circles.

By the way, cutting a billion small decorative circles with pinking shears is not my favorite thing to do. Looks cute, but time consuming!!!


And voila!! Cute, huh?


While I was at it, I made several fun baby shower gifts. These are for my newest nephew…when he’s a little bigger.


Bring on the fun projects!!!

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