A Lot Can Happen (Or 25 Reasons Why I’ve Not Put Time on the Blog)

Other than my brow-and-lash dye post from yesterday (which I actually started writing in early January), I’ve not spent time writing for fun on the blog in two months.

Holy cow. A catch up is in order. I’ve decided I’ll do some longer posts of the more interesting things that have kept us busy, and a bit of woe-is-us craziness.

1. The Houston Marathon: We’re suckers. We both ran the marathon – and it was fun. We’re doing it again next year.


2. Vacation on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Also fun. But it snowed, so most of our cut-short trip looked like a winter wonderland while we contemplated if we’d ever feel warm again.


3. Debt free scream: We dashed to Nashville to celebrate being 100% debt free with a conversation and a whoop-and-holler in the lobby of the Dave Ramsey Show.


4. Kitty snuggles: Oliver. Enough said.


5. Sewer line repair: The untold story of fixing your foundation is that it can (will) break your pipes. And they’ll break your tile in order to fix your broken pipes. We’re living in a long-term construction zone.


6. The Donut Dash 5k: We run this every year because it’s a race. And it’s donuts. And it’s usually good beer and coffee. And Kelly nearly always wins for his age group.


7. Closing out the Galloway 2015 season: End of year party madness and celebration. Now on to planning for 2016…


8. Kitty snuggles: Bridget is still mama’s baby.


9. New gutters: Our nearly 30-year-old house finally sports its first gutters. Handsome!


10. State of the City 2016: Six months of work for a singularly stressful and important evening. Verdict? Perfection!


11. Tree removal: The trees that we loved in front of our house finally had to go due to their unreasonable attacks on our foundation.


12. Baby shower: Because if you’re having a baby (or a birthday) in my office, we’re having a party.


13. Hot Chocolate 15k: Cold! Running! Chocolate!


14. Anniversary party trip to Houston: Host your mama for the weekend? Take a one-day trip down and back to Houston? If you have family celebrating a 70th wedding anniversary, of course you will.


15. Education press conference: Because live tweeting is what I do best.


16. The New Orleans Half and Full Marathon: Four days in New Orleans was perfect – a few hours of running and a whole lot of eating.


17. Music Festival press conference fun: Because if you can’t serve Texas chow and have a band perform, you don’t know how to host a press conference.


18. Kitty snuggles: Jasper prefers snuggles with kitties over people, unless it’s bedtime.


19. TEDxPlano prep: It’s getting real. Ahhhhhhhhh….


20. A three-month-late hair cut: Better late than never. And fortunately no comments made about my home-based bang trims.


21. Q Commons: TED talks for people of faith.


22. The Fresh 15k: Family visit! Running!


23. Kitty chaos: We just never know what we’re going to find when we come home.


24. A return to the kitchen: Homemade meals (lunch and dinner) for an entire week. Unheard of.


25. The Run of the Irish 5k: Humidity! Friends! Fun!


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