Dive Expedition: Sonny’s Donuts

We’ve found a new favorite donut shop. One that’s close to our house – no more longing for the too-far-to-go-for-a-casual-donut-fix donut shop near our very first apartment in Richardson.

Behold the bounty of Sonny’s Donuts in Plano:


Some lucky Sunday School class will be happy.

One of my former bosses told me about Sonny’s years ago. I can’t believe we waited so long to check them out. Not only are these donuts super-hot and super-tasty, but the owners are super-super-nice.

They compliment you on your donut selection, praise you for selecting fresh-from-the-oven jalapeno rolls and then they give you complimentary donut holes. And complimentary mini-cinnamon rolls. Who does that?

I’ll tell you who does – our new favorite donut shop, Sonny’s Donuts.

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  1. […] that way, we also tried their sausage rolls. The jalapeno sausage roll was ok. But not as good as Sonny’s. The same was true of their standard sausage […]

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