Help – Agave/Syrup/Sap Spillled!

This story begins at the intersection of thoughtfulness, warm weather and false advertising.

During my pantry purge, I found not one – but two – bottles of agave nectar. Why I had two bottles, I’ll never know. But the great irony of the agave was that we quickly discovered after buying one bottle that agave wasn’t for us. Too sweet.

Yet here I had two.

So I thought about what to do and decided I couldn’t bear to throw perfectly good agave away. One of my friends, Random Cathy, loves agave. I resolved to give it to her when we met for our evening Ethiopian dinner.

I parked my car at a nearby train station to head downtown for work and left the agave bottles in the car. Why carry them to work and back to the train station? Right?

That day was the first warm spring day we’d had in Dallas – not hot, but warm. Apparently it was warm enough to cause the bottles to expand.

No problem – the bottles are equipped with a “No Drip Cap.” It even says so on the bottle.

You can imagine my surprise, then, to find this all over the interior of the car. That definitely looks like a drip – nay, a spill – to me.
So what would you do if you found agave, which very much resembles syrup or sap (very very thick and sticky), all over your car seat?
Right. You google what to do.
Multiple sources recommended using oxygen bleach cleaner, warm water and arm muscles.


Mix about 1 tablespoon of oxygen bleach with one quart of warm water.


Using a clean rag, thoroughly soak the stained upholstery with the mixture. (Key word – thorough) Let stand for 10-15 minutes.


Scrub the stains with the clean rag, then soak and stand 10-15 minutes again.

Allow everything to dry, then use a brush to rough up the material, putting texture back in.

Not the same as brand new (because this car is far from new), but better than a stained mess of stickiness.

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  1. I love Google!

    1. Anything and everything you ever wanted to know…and then some!

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