Battle of Task v People

What are you? A task-oriented person or a people-oriented person?

I’m the former, and let me tell you that it can be a real challenge to remember the importance of people when you’re all wrapped up in the task.

Strangely enough, it’s in the midst of these Task Vs People wrestling matches when the strangest things happen.

  • I get an email that simply says thank you
  • I am energized from a 5-minute pause in the hall to chat with a colleague
  • I miss my train – again – to meet someone new. And it doesn’t matter.

It’s nice to know that God doesn’t play fair in this battle – it’s always clear when I’ve veered to far into task territory and need a friendly nudge (or two or three or more) to focus on the people around me.


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  1. I feel this. I was told by a co-worker once that I was highly relational…unless I was on deadline. Yikes!

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