Dive Expedition: Afrah

The Boy and I, plus our besties, went on a dive expedition over the holidays to Afrah.

The Boy had eaten there – well, technically from there – at a couple of work functions. He’d gone on and on about how good the food was.

Because it was the holidays, that meant we could go on a weekday and enjoy their lunch buffet. It’s very, very popular.

Afrah serves traditional Mediterranean food – falafel, shawarma, gyro, baba gannouj, fattoush, hummus….

…lentil soup, pita, tabouleh….

…and much much more. They, of course, offer amazing pastries (they actually started as a pastry shop) and delicious gelatos.


Everything – I mean everything – was amazing. So very very good. The line never went away (no surprise there).

The only downside is that the buffet is only offered Monday-Friday, so my opportunities to enjoy the buffet will be limited.

But maybe that’s a good thing. The overfull plates pictured above? Confession: They’re mine.

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