Dive Expedition: Ye Ole Butcher Shop

For years, The Boy and I have driven past a butcher shop near old downtown Plano, Texas.

Scratch that – not past a butcher shop. We drove past the Butcher Shop.

Last month The Boy noticed Ye Ole Butcher Shop and asked what it was. I looked it up online and learned that it was a butcher shop (duh!), meat market and restaurant.

A few weekends ago, we stopped in to see if it lived up to its reputation for good, fresh burgers. You order at the counter – pay when your food is ready.

No fancy menus – a signboard lists the offerings.

A couple of coolers near the front door have prepackaged meat ready for purchase. Lots of normally hard-to-find things, including buffalo nearly-anything.

As well as ground game meat.

The food was excellent – service not so much. We very much got the impression that asking the counter girl for anything (including our receipt) was causing great additional effort. Color me not impressed about that.

But I was impressed with my burger – so was The Boy. If (when?) we go back, we’ll definitely go in with no expectations of anything other than good food.

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