An Ode to Morning Coffee

Morning coffee should always always be prepared the night before.

Why, you ask?

  1. Coffee gets you out of bed in the morning. (Don’t believe me? Chris Rice wrote a song about it.)
  2. It’s impossible to make coffee when you need to drink coffee.
  3. You will always need to grind beans, waking everyone else in the house up, if you didn’t prepare it the night before. (Do you really want to be the person that wakes everyone up?)
  4. You are 256,987 billion times more likely to make a coffee preparation error if you are making coffee without having had coffee first.
  5. You will be late to work because of unnecessary delays due to having to wake up sufficiently in order to make coffee.

I’m just saying it’s important. And someone (not me) in our house has really been falling down on the job lately.


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