Yes, Yes, We Know How to Party

With all of the everything that was last week (funerals, new water heater, work events, World Series, deadlines), I completely forgot to talk about the Third Annual Hayley House Party.

Yes, we had a party. Yes, it was fun (of course!). Yes, we had to turn on the Texas Rangers World Series Game 1. Yes, I learned that one should always check the school calendar to make sure it’s not a 4-day weekend for the school system. (Can’t do much about the World Series, though.)

But we had a crowd. We had a great time. And we had a fantastic dessert – as usual. Some shots and commentary…

Chocolate fountain (yay – Christmas present!) with an assortment of dippers:

Always buy enough chocolate. Then make sure that you melt it properly. After a movie-worthy dash to Michaels before the party started (complete with me running into the store shouting I’m the woman who called about the chocolate!! and a less than 2-minute cash-for-chocolate exchange), Baby Sister learned the hard way that lumpy chocolate doesn’t flow. Oops.

Ah, friends…staying inside because it was cold!

And babies! And children! And children chasing happy babies!

Lots of work friends…we’ve learned over the years that we never have the same party twice. A different group comes every time and it’s a fun party – every time.

And I learned something else that is very important. If you hear hysterical laughing from the clean up crew while you’re making final goodbyes, assume that The Boy is up to no good.

It also cracks me up that The Boy was so tired
that he put his t-shirt on inside out…and no one noticed!

Let’s just say this:

Chocolate Fountain + Leftovers = Experimentation

For the in-house party crew, the Third Annual Hayley House Party will forever be known as


{Sigh} I can’t take him anywhere.

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  1. John says: Reply

    I wouldn't say that no one noticed… he just didn't care.

  2. That's what he told me last night. He said he'd noticed it when he put it on and just didn't care enough to fix it! Bad.

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