Lack of Sleep is NOT a Good Thing

Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t take much to upset you when you’re tired and slightly worn-down?

I have. Long days, bringing work home, thinking about the lack of attractive homes to buy, wondering when we’ll have time to visit with bankers, an over-full calendar…it’s adding up for me. 

I think it’s official: I am One Grouchy Smurf.
What I’ve also noticed when I’m in these moods is this: I don’t want anyone to tell me that I am a Grouchy Smurf. That just adds to the grouchiness.
Kelly obviously didn’t get that memo yesterday.
  • A little kitchen accident – coffee splashing on my hand while I was rinsing a spoon – irked me all day.
  • Teasing accusations of “wimpiness” over my choice of workout. To be fair, I was doing speed training which does involve some walking.
  • And then! My loving husband said: Shannah, you really should slow down when you’re flossing.
Are you kidding me? That really was the final straw.
I could have thrown a fit. I wanted to, actually. But I simply said:
But even a Grouchy Smurf can’t resist the cuteness of the Smurf it’s married to, particularly when it waggles its eyebrows and gives a cute grin. 
So I laughed at the look he gave me and said: 
Let’s go look at houses the realtor sent us. 
We can mock people’s decorating abilities and wonder if we should be in the “We Buy Ugly Houses” business.
It worked like a charm. For me, anyway. Reviewing potential homes on the internet made both of us feel gloomy. Which is certainly better than feeling grouchy alone.

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  1. John says: Reply

    Misery does love company.

  2. Ed says: Reply

    cyber hugs

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