Deal Junkie Rewards

Like I said, I am a deal junkie. But there’s a reason for it – the rewards and savings that you can use to keep the dreaded budget under control.

Prime example: for every $100 I spend in a month at Kroger, I can get a 10 cent discount on gasoline. Because gas prices have been falling, I was able to get gas yesterday afternoon for $1.889. What an awesome deal!

(We stretch our gasoline budget even more by carpooling as much as possible. We rarely fill up the tank more than once every 10 days!)

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    ahh, you spent more money than I did per gallon! I got gas on Friday for $1.859/gal sins discount! Gas is still dropping too. I always fill up in Topeka when I can on my way to Manhattan because it is dirt cheap! I wouldn’t be surprised if it is close to a $1.20/gal or cheaper right now.

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