A Reminder to Make Memories While You Can

Ever since Kelly and I married, I’ve been rhapsodizing on the wonders of Call Hall ice cream at Kansas State University. We finally got a scoop while there on our vacation two weeks ago. I had incredibly yummy chocolate; Kelly enjoyed a scoop of candy-infused. It was just as delicious as I remembered.

We oohed and ahhed over the new homes built around the golf-course-we-love-to-hate, Colbert Hills, wondering who on earth in Manhattan has money to buy one.

I was shocked to learn that the True Value Hardware store that had been in Westloop as long as I could remember had actually moved! (Who gave businesses in my hometown permission to move from where they’ve always been?!?!) While we were on our 6-mile trek around town, we passed by the new expanded store. I was happy to see that, despite the move, True Value was staying competitive where many smaller stores are pushed out of business by the big boys.
Late last night, my beloved Manhattan was hit by a tornado (perhaps multiple funnels, no one knows for certain right now), causing extensive damage. I had an alarming series of emails this morning to work through when sitting at the computer for my daily 5 a.m. session of reconnecting with news and notes while the coffee is brewing.
I’m so glad I was able to travel around Manhattan with Kelly two weeks ago. The places I have many fond memories of have been hit:
  • Call Hall – ice cream, first place I ever saw how cheese is made
  • Weber Hall – I can’t count the number of 4-H events held there.
  • Cardwell Hall – I grew up in the computer room there while my dad was working.
  • The Engineering Complex, Waters Hall, Ward Hall…. – these buildings are as much home and familiar territory to this lil’ Wildcat as anywhere else. My childhood was spent wandering on the campus, exploring and making those buildings a fun home-away-from-home.
  • True Value’s new store – gone
  • Amherst and Dartmouth neighborhood – so many high school friends lived there. Lots of great birthday parties celebrated in heavily-treed backyards.
  • Those great new neighborhoods by Colbert Hills – extremely damaged
I could go on.
I guess the point of it all is this: Storms (literal and figurative) come unexpectedly in life. It’s best to make memories as you go, living with as few regrets as possible.
Oh, I should add that those I love and hold dear – family and friends – are all ok. We Kansans are a tough bunch, and sensible enough to get in the basement when we ought.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that everyone is okay – and I am glad that you Kansans are such a hardy bunch.

  2. Deep roots – we hang on tight!

  3. Ed says: Reply

    it still pulls on the heartstrings. Everytime I see pictures my eyes well up. *Sigh*

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