I Don’t Know How She Does It

I love this book.

In particular, I love the scene where Kate Reddy is beating on mince pies to make them look homemade because she feels inadequate and insecure about being a working mum.

My angst about yesterday’s Cake Day brought I Don’t Know How She Does It to mind. I am realizing that, although we don’t have children, I must be grappling with some latent sense of inadequacy and insecurity about being a working wife.

So what have I learned one day after Cake Day?

  1. Chopped nuts can redeem an otherwise hum-drum plain cake.
  2. A store-bought cake is perfectly acceptable on Cake Day if purchased from a quality bakery.

My mom and I discussed this yesterday afternoon. She thinks the lesson is more appropriately stated:

“Glitter and Chopped Nuts can make any near-disaster a triumph.”

The former bit of the lesson is an homage to my younger sister’s desperate glitter cover-up of a mistake on a late-night 4-H project. The glitter was specifically mentioned by the judge when he awarded her a Grand Champion ribbon!

I guess it’s an Alloway trait, taught to three daughters by their working mum.

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  1. John says: Reply

    I like cake.

  2. I will make you a cake.

  3. KMAN says: Reply

    If you think she should have me make my own cake – then make your own too!

    Yours will probably not turn out any better than mine…

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