An Open Mind Isn’t Always a Good Thing

I am irritated right now. (So much for that Joy List stuff…)

I try to plan my out-and-abouts so I’m going on a consistent path. My favorite service providers are located within a set radius of my home and office, or are located on my way to and from my home, office and gym. For those “special” shopping trips, I plan my route so I’m not driving back and forth from one store to the next, nor purchasing frozen foods before I go clothes shopping.

Great plan, eh?

Well it would be if I could manage to leave the store with everything that I actually purchased. For the second time in as many months, I’ve returned home from shopping without some of my items. This irritates me.

Am I absent-minded? Not paying attention to the full purchase process? Or is this the store’s fault? An unforseen backfire to a policy of having fewer check-out clerks despite the shopping traffic?

Either way – going home without a bag of vegetables one time: the store’s fault. Going home a second time without a bag of imported groceries: my fault. It has to be.

The older I get, the more I find myself joking about having things go into my head only to fall right back out. Funny, yes, but maddening. Now that I’m nearly (choke) 37, I’m wondering if this is the beginning of dementia or if I just have too much on my mind to properly sort details, remember key points and retain control over the multitude of things going on in my life.

And I’m getting pretty tired of having to drive back to the store to collect forgotten bags. It defeats the whole point of having an out-and-about plan.

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