I Need My Thanksgiving Pants

Do you own a pair of Thanksgiving pants? You know what I’m talking about – that wonderful pair of trousers that you save in the back of the drawer to wear on “fat days” or on holidays that center around eating too much food and doing too little exercise.

Ever since I took my first bite of sushi, I have always wanted to eat just one more piece of sushi than I have on my plate. I love it and I never have quite enough. Sushi, you see, is fairly expensive so I have to moderate how much I’m willing to spend.

Kelly and I went to a new restaurant in Plano, the Japan House, for lunch today. It features a buffet with all-you-can-eat sushi, hibachi, salad and dessert.

It was all of my sushi dreams come true. Good taste. Excellent quality. Every imaginable sushi, from unagi to spicy salmon to dragon and on and on.

I learned something at the Japan House: I can put one more piece of sushi on my plate than I have the ability to eat.

For at least the last 10 minutes of our meal, Kelly laughed at me as I willed myself to finish the last of my sushi (unsuccessfully, I might add). It probably is a sin to leave something as wonderful as a spicy California roll with a dab of wasabi on your plate, but I just couldn’t force myself to open my mouth. I’m not sure my Thanksgiving pants would have helped.

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  1. I went home to Kenya last week and I was looking at an old photo album, and there, was shannah Alloway! I thought about which path you had taken in life and if you still lived in Dallas. I googled your name when I came back and it led me to your blog. I knew I would find something on you because you were always a writer. A very good one, I must say. You wrote the longest emails with vivid descriptions and the most details. It was always fun openning your emails! I probably have not seen you in eight years, but I can almost still identify your writtings and humour. I am an old friend from Kenya. I wonder if you can guess?…I will give you an opportunity and maybe later on some hints or a hint…like 1) One of the last emails you sent me was to let me know you had just bought a brand new Chevy Malibu!! Can you guess???? ps: I really enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. Hmmmmm…now this is a difficult one. You are someone who I knew IN Kenya, who is not now living in Kenya, and I haven’t talked to in a while. Gosh. You’ll have to give me another clue (I have some guesses, but it would help to have it narrowed down).

    How about this for your next clue? Can you confirm if you are a guy-friend or a girl-friend?

  3. KMAN says: Reply

    OK – so now for (as Paul Harvey always said) “The rest of the story”

    This is the husband – who reads, but does not often comment. This is the first time actually. I just have to add, because Shannah is not being totally truthful, and the truth is always stranger and funnier than the fiction!

    After each of us got 1 healthy plate of sushi, we were ready for more. I got a little more than I should have myself-and was huring. But while I was still working on mine I looked up and saw Shannah’s “2nd plate” and then the conversation went something like this…

    Kelly: (Noticing she is chewing slower) Are you going to be able to eat all of that?

    Shannah: (Indignant and with defiance) I am not going to have a problem finishing this-I WILL eat all of this.

    A little later and only 2 of 8 pieces eaten…

    Shannah: (Even slower and with a cute little girl look of “I think I got too much!”) “My eyes were definately bigger than my stomach. I’m not sure I can eat all this. But I CANNOT waste it. If only I had gotten 1 each of my favorites instead of 2 or 3 each!”

    Kelly: (With a charming grin) “Do you know how many starving children in Japan could eat for a day on that?”

    Now I am very near being done with mine and Shannah still has about 6 left and now she brings me into this – as if I were not in enough pain! Suddenly, as if she had something to bargain with, she is dealing with me that if I will eat “these 2 or 3” she will eat this and that!

    Shannah: (Defeated) “There is just no way.” Another cute grin. “It is not going to happen” “And it is so sad to waste all of this”

    Ok, so I do my duties as a husband and as a bottomless pit.

    I just want to let it be known for the record that I ate about 3 of her “Big eye” sushi pieces at least-and, Shannah, for all of her pain-finished off the Japanese ice cream that came at the end.

    And my pain was totally to save her the embarrassment of leaving that on her plate-and this is the thanks I get!

    PS – I did indeed laugh. I am still laughing. Of course the pain IS gone now.

  4. Well…I must be careful I do not give up more clues than I want to for now, so how about this; we first met at Parklands Baptist Church. And probably this clue will give it up,its a guy-friend

  5. You must be Fred Rogo! Right?

  6. Ah yes, Kelly’s description is totally correct. So sad…eyes WAY bigger than my stomach.

  7. Yes indeed, you are right! My clues gave me up. I now live in Des Moines, Iowa, and I have now become a Midwesterner! My wife is from Iowa, and she was obviously successful, in convincing me that the values and the weather (including cyclones & tornados) were much better than the rest!
    We are also expecting our first child anytime now so we are super excited and counting hours! I would love to chat with you,my email address is Fredrogo@Gmail.com (I probably should not put the phone number here)but plse email and I can call.

  8. John says: Reply

    In my minds eye, I can see this entire exchange as it happens.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  9. Kelly has a way of making us all giggle. The sushi was yummy. You would like it. And Stacie would love the hot food!

  10. I guess so – I certainly didn’t like the sushi. *grumble*

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