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  • How To Soften New Sheets

    Battling the boy cats to put sheets on our bed, in addition to normal wear-and-tear, led to more tear than we’d like in our sheets. Fortunately Macy’s had a giant sale – 700 thread count Egyptian Cotton blend sheets for just $50 (normally $130). I ordered two sets right away. But here’s my surprising discovery, very expensive […]

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  • Making Something Old New Again

    Our office suite was terrible. Really terrible. A mishmash of furniture – leftovers, really – thrown into an available space. Cubicles set up haphazardly, without thought to who sat where. Team members scattered, spare cubicles filled with items never sorted or stored. What.A.Mess. Getting the office sorted was a priority of mine and fortunately, my arrival coincided with a long-planned remodel of the entire building.