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  • Becoming a Sew-and-Sew

    So (sew?) I did it…I finally purchased my very first new-to-me sewing machine. [ Insert angelic chorus here. ] For years, I’ve used hand-me-downs from my mom and my mother-in-law. While those machines performed admirably, they both eventually stopped functioning in frustratingly basic areas. Like the machine that wouldn’t backstitch. And the other machine that wouldn’t […]

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  • Up Up and Almost Away


    Well, it wasn’t quite a balloon ride, but I did get an off-the-ground experience in a hot air balloon. (I should finish that sentence with punctuation reflective of my emotion in the moment. Let me add on: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We (the City) received a new hot air balloon earlier this year. Although she’d been tested and flown […]

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  • Food Confession


    We’re doing an excellent job of eating in more than we’re eating out these days. We’re just not doing the cooking. Kelly and I did a little grocery/dining budget analysis in combination with a Hayley energy analysis and discovered it was far more worthwhile to have a chef prepare and deliver weekday meals for us. […]

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  • Finishing a Yelp 100

    I’ve been half-heartedly engaged on Yelp (a review website). I upload reviews, every now and then answer a question and otherwise leave it be. And in truth, much more of the latter now because 1) who has time and 2) I’ve noticed some people on the Yelp site Live For Yelp rather than Living For […]

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  • Hidden Gem: Fadias


    Steve and I had one of my favorite Hidden Gem visits the other month when we stopped in at Fadia’s Deli and Bakery. The owner sat with us and chatted throughout our meal – I left feeling so humbled to live in such a friendly city, full of diverse and interesting people who are willing […]

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  • Night Out on 15th

    One of the most fun events in our city happens in late spring – Night Out on 15th Street. It’s dinner downtown, on the street. The glamping version of a picnic, you might say. You’ll spot friends and reality tv stars. (And Shannah.) And one of the prettiest tables you’d hope to see. And the […]