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  • Making a Clean Sweep of It

    Update on my housecleaning conundrum (detailed in this November 2016 post): Our fantastic Hire a Cleaning Service lasted less than six months. Quality of cleaning went downhill over time (never awful, just incomplete). Then bizarrely, when we cancelled a service in order to travel for my Grandma’s funeral, the service never started back up. So…ok. […]

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  • Recipe | Tuna White Bean Salad

    Spring has sprung in Texas. Actually winter was a complete miss, but now that plants are budding I’m declaring it Official Spring! Regardless, I crave lighter things in spring – cold cereal, juices for breakfast, salads and fresh-squeezed limeade. This salad strikes the perfect balance between filling and light. Tuna White Bean Salad Inspired by this […]

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  • Calling the Bunkers

    We’re getting old. We accept it. And you can call us Archie and Edith if you like… But we love the recliners we bought for our TV room.  Eventually we plan to buy a big squishy fit-a-million-people-on-it sectional for our yet-to-be-renovated family room. However, for now, these are totally fine for our needs.

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  • An Accidental Detail

    I had a 101 List goal to get our cars detailed. There are lots of places nearby to have it done, just unfortunately not as much time on the Hayley schedule. Then, thanks to a reckless uninsured driver damaging our car, we went for a couple of weeks without the Sonata. Imagine my surprise when I […]

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  • A Honey of a Tour

    We’ve purchased Desert Creek Honey since 2008 to help with Kelly’s allergies. Plus local natural honey is just yum for cooking. I’ve written many times about how much we love to tour factories – if there’s a chance to see how something is made, we are THERE. I’m sure part of my fascination with watch-it-made […]