• Food
  • Deciphering Gin

    Gin has always been a mystery to me. It’s not an alcohol I would choose – too stuffy! Too odd! Too 1950s Britian! Yet we like martinis and, after a dinner out, we discovered we liked gin martinis. We just didn’t know why. And with the massive selection of gins at the shops, we had […]

  • Fun
  • TED Summit 2016

    This is a very long overdue update on my TED Summit 2016 experience. As a TEDx organizer and a watcher of online TED Talks, I had some idea in mind of what a TED in-person experience would be like. Yet at the same time, I had absolutely no expectations. After all, how can you possibly […]

  • Running
  • Wicked Wine Run

    Note to self: Never confuse the city of Burleson with the city of Bedford. The difference is about 35 minutes of driving. But if you do confuse the two, at least know you’re going to spend time with girfriends and your spouse at a race. That’s always ok. Yes, confusion over location and enthusiasm over friend time led […]