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  • Ready for a Different Kind of Rain

    We just finished another 101 List item and it’s a doozie: We fully funded our emergency fund. A fully funded emergency fund includes enough cash to cover 3-6 months of expenses. This isn’t want-to-haves or not pleasure spending. We’re talking flat out expenses like the mortgage, insurance, food and electricity. We’d been close for a […]

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  • Dog Days of Debt-Freedom

    The financial sages will tell you that there are hard times in the pursuit of becoming debt-free. Usually that’s discussed in the context of digging out of a mountain of stupid debt, like credit cards, car notes or excessive student loans. Then there’s the debt-free slog for the ultimate prize: 100% debt-freedom with a paid-for […]

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  • Since You Insist…

    This is the simple card I gave The Boy for Valentine’s Day. I found it here. Valentine’s this year was a kiss-and-a-craft. We’re saving our pennies for a very nice meal out with our friends, J&S, and fully funding our emergency fund. That’s true love.

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  • Their Loss, Our Gain

    There’s no doubt that this recession really sucks. It’s given my industry a pretty good beating, I know a ton of folks without a job, but gosh, I’m really tired of gloom-and-doom attitudes everywhere. And if I see Channel 11’s Survive in 09 promo one.more.time. I think I might scream! I have to admit that […]

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  • Trend Spotting

    Walking into the office from the parking garage today, I spotted an interesting sign of the times: All but 1 of the 5 people walking in with me were carrying sack lunches. Old hat for Kelly and I, big change for many others. Why I think everyone should consider brown bagging as often as possible: […]

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  • And Ten Makes Twenty

    It’s a funny thing. I have a bee in my bonnet this week about money. Specifically, I am appalled at cashiers’ inability to count back change. I planned to share this frustration with a financial class that Kelly coordinates. Our lesson Wednesday night focused on negotiating for better deals. Then, in the midst of our […]

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  • Stop the Madness

    This morning I deleted 30 phone messages – an average of 4 calls a day – from our home voicemail. Gosh, you might think, the Hayleys are popular! Hardly. Every single message was from a debt collector. And not a one of them was trying to reach a Hayley. We had messages for Kay Haden […]

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  • Stop Whining!

    I’m so tired of constant whining! It seems I can’t escape laments about the down economy, high taxes, and the general unfairness of life. Here’s my piece of advice: if life is so terrible, then do something to change it. Quit being a victim. Grow the heck up. Life is hard. Nothing is free, easy […]