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  • The Next (Gen) Step

    My friend A, who knows all things beauty, suggested I give Next-Gen nails a try when I wasn’t sure what I thought of my gel manicure. So I did: Another great, long-lasting performance. This is about 5 weeks later on the day I had them removed: Yet again, my nails underneath took a bit of […]

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  • Becoming a Sew-and-Sew

    So (sew?) I did it…I finally purchased my very first new-to-me sewing machine. [ Insert angelic chorus here. ] For years, I’ve used hand-me-downs from my mom and my mother-in-law. While those¬†machines performed admirably, they both eventually stopped functioning in frustratingly basic areas. Like the machine that wouldn’t backstitch. And the other machine that wouldn’t […]

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  • Up Up and Almost Away

    Well, it wasn’t quite a balloon¬†ride, but I did get an off-the-ground experience in a hot air balloon. (I should finish that sentence with punctuation reflective of my emotion in the moment. Let me add on: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We (the City) received a new hot air balloon earlier this year. Although she’d been tested and flown […]

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  • Finishing a Yelp 100

    I’ve been half-heartedly engaged on Yelp (a review website). I upload reviews, every now and then answer a question and otherwise leave it be. And in truth, much more of the latter now because 1) who has time and 2) I’ve noticed some people on the Yelp site Live For Yelp rather than Living For […]

  • Running
  • Three Halfs in Four Months

    I had a goal of running three half marathons in one year. I just didn’t plan to run three halfs over the course of four months. But you know, sometimes weird stuff like that happens.   New Orleans Half Marathon {February 2016} A little warm in New Orleans for February, but it was still a lot of […]

  • Food
  • On a Roll: Learning How to Make Sushi

    I’ve had a 101 list item to make sushi with Kelly. I’ve also had an outstanding pledge/promise/plan to make sushi with our friends E&B. We’ve been trying to figure out how the foursome could get this accomplished for six months. SIX MONTHS! Thank goodness for RA Sushi and their sushi-sake class. We.Were.There. And because it […]