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  • TEDxPlano 2017 – Plus Something New

    TEDxPlano 2017 was phenomenal. More speakers than ever. More attendees than ever (sold out house!). All in all, an incredibly satisfying evening.       This year we’ve started a new initiative: The TEDxPlanoSalon series. These small groups curate the attendees rather than speakers. With a specified topic, the attendees debate and create their own […]

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  • Furry Fun

    We had a bit of fun with our annual Clear the Shelter event (it’s held nationwide). The thought was…who doesn’t like cute animal photos? The answer is: The only people who don’t like animal photos are people without a heart. And they aren’t our target audience. So to celebrate animals heading to their fur-ever homes, we decided […]

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  • May and June Work Roundup

    May and June went by in a flash! (And since it’s nearly the end of the month, it looks like I could say the same for July.) What all happened in the Fun Work World? I returned to The Real Estate Council’s Fight Night fundraiser. I hadn’t been in years, but it’s still just as over-the-top […]

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  • Mentoring

    For what felt like forever, I was afraid of being a mentor. I didn’t know enough. My career didn’t have enough awards marking the journey. The world didn’t know my name. At some point, I realized that a mentor is simpy someone who has been on the journey longer. Every experience leads to wisdom (be […]