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  • Garza Blanca – The Great Hayley Getaway

    The Hayleys needed a vacation. Work has been epically busy, plus our Galloway running group duties and a host of other things we’ve said yes to over time. Then there’s the whole, Hey – we haven’t been on a proper vacation in over two years thing. That’s how we found ourselves in Mexico right after Thanksgiving. We found a beautiful resort, Garza Blanca, owned by the same group which owns Sierra Lago where we’d enjoyed a wonderful vacation several years ago. Garza Blanca didn’t disappoint.

  • Fun
  • Kentucky by Road and Foot

    Wrapping up our time in Kentucky with some snaps of the scenery. It was so beautiful and green there… We spent a little time exploring historic Bardstown by foot:   The sunrises… And some of the roads made it easy to envision what life was like in the horse-and-carriage days… Were you aware that many […]

  • Food
  • Kentucky: More Good Eats

    We picked up a couple of new places while in Kentucky, in addition to visiting old favorites like Mammy’s and the Old Talbot Tavern. Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot Smokehouse We came here at the recommendation of a Louisville local. The BBQ smokers are sitting out front doing their thing. The smell is amazing! In fact, […]

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  • Eating Our Way Through New Orleans

    I sometimes joke that I run because I love food. That’s partially true, though there’s a host of other reasons that I run. The full list of reasons would definitely include fighting my genetic predisposition, staying fit, feeling strong, and setting and achieving goals. But when it comes to New Orleans, I most definitely believe that I’m running in order to eat. Because the food in New Orleans…oh my goodness.