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  • On Social Hiatus

    I’ve been considering taking a break from Facebook for a while – that’s why I put it on my 101 List. It’s not that I think I’m on Facebook all the time, overposting and oversharing. I just find that I surf over to Facebook when I’m bored, whiling away time in the news feed even […]

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  • Weird Things Happen

    It seems like every few months (sometimes weeks or days), weird things just happen. Like this text I received from a friend: Just received word of your husband’s passing…I’m so sorry! What do you need/want from us? We love you! I read this aloud to my very-much alive Boy, who happened to be sitting next to me, drinking […]

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  • Journalists: We Still Need You

    A week ago, a hacker took over the AP Twitter account and posted a message about the US president being attacked. The stock market went on a nose dive. A few weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people watched the Boston Marathon “live” via Twitter. Millions then followed developments regarding the horrific bombings via Twitter. […]

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  • Delving Into Digital-Free

    I’m really really glad I did something for a 101 challenge. I went digital-free one night a week. No computer. No iPhone. No sneaking peeks at The Boy’s computer or iPhone. The experience was transformational. I’m on the computer (and my phone) nearly all day most days. Taking a break at night, just one night […]