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    We’ve just experienced the most deliriously relaxing Saturday. A late night Friday at the basketball game (our first one to actually attend this season) could have set us up for a dreadful Saturday. After all, we had to get up early for our last group run. Doing that without having gone to the game was […]

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  • Now That’s Marketing

    The Boy and I got a bit of a surprise last week in the mail: In the envelope that normally contains season ticket renewal information, we found a box with a collectible piece of the Dallas Mavericks court, complete with a certificate of authenticity. Wow. Of course, the box also included season ticket renewal information. Genius […]

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    I apologize for the post title. I couldn’t resist. My friend, JuJBe, helped me check another 101 List item off this week – attend a major league soccer game. Though it’s been unseasonably warm in Dallas this week, the weather was perfect for enjoying a game of footy between FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake […]

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  • The Cotton Bowl

    As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we took my parents to the Cotton Bowl last week. We had lots and lots of fun, even though we didn’t win the game. But this post isn’t about all of the people that were there. Nor is about the purple overload that surrounded us during the K-State pep rally. Nor the crazy […]

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  • Well Rested

    Because of the way the holidays fell this year, The Boy and I were able to enjoy a four day weekend. And enjoy we did! We celebrated Christmas, went for a couple of long(er) runs, cooked up a storm, lazed around with the furbabies, went to bed early and got up late, discovered new stories […]

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  • Boogity Boogity Boogity!

    I spent Sunday in redneck heaven – at the Texas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR AAA Texas 500. There were tattoos, cut off t-shirts, baseball caps, chewing tobacco, and more sponsorship patches than you can imagine. But there were also stands full of the nicest people ever, all of us struggling to hear (with or […]

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  • Sometimes You Do What It Takes

    As unexpected as the Dallas Maverick’s championship was, even more unexpected was the realization that I would be in Atlanta when the championship parade was scheduled. So.Bummed. I was resigned to missing the big day (seriously big: 300,000 people!!), until The Boy emailed to say that the Mavericks were doing a special event after the […]