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    I just finished another great biography – this time on the life of Harriett Tubman. The biography is unique because it was written within her lifetime by one of her supporters, Sarah Bradford. Though I checked out a physical copy at my local library, thanks to the University of North Carolina, you can read it […]

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  • In Print

    It’s official! The book I previewed, Quitter, has hit the streets. And, as promised, Jon Acuff sent me a personal copy. It was autographed and came enclosed with with a nice note. Click photo to enlarge Since his note encouraged me to turn to the end, I did. Sure enough – there I am! A […]

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  • A Note of Encouragement

    I just finished reading Life of Pi. Ten pages in, I decided that this was not one of my favorite books. I found it exceedingly hard to get into for the first 90+ pages. In fact, I considered giving up but thought I ought to finish a book that appears on so many collegiate required reading lists. […]

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  • New Reading Material

    I keep a fairly full blog reader – I read decorating blogs, fashion blogs, work-related blogs, family and friend blogs and faith blogs. Every now and then I even take a bit of time to interact with my fellow bloggers. One of my favorite faith blogs is Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like. It’s satire {love} […]

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  • Pardon Me

    I have a friend who’s a sucker for frogs. She has nearly every tchotchke imaginable with a frog on it. While I don’t share her Frog Fondness, I am a sucker for motivational books. I’m always looking for a book that reminds me of basic life principles that I already know, but somehow forgot. At […]

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  • Speaking of Blogs…

    I do think it’s time I confessed my very serious addiction to reading blogs. (And you thought I just loved to blog…) It’s somewhat of an obsession. A question that leads to a Google search that leads to a collection of really great blogs. A quick read usually satisfies my initial curiosity, but then there’s […]

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  • Just a Snip Away!

    Ever since I left for college many years ago, I can count on one thing: Without warning, an overstuffed packet will arrive from my mom. Inside are dozens and dozens of newspaper clippings. Each has its own sticky note, with comments from Mom about the piece. Sometimes Mom simply says: “Amen.” Other times, she’ll say: […]

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  • What’s Your Favorite Book?

    I think I’m doing a relatively decent job of reading my monthly magazines and staying on top of professional development books (one every quarter…or so). But I don’t think I’m reading enough for pleasure. So I’ve joined a book club – online, no obligations, no meetings, no stress. But maybe if I get enough in […]