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  • Trolls Are Everywhere

    Another beloved blog went by the wayside this past week and I’ve been a little despondent about it. Not surprisingly, a whole legion of people on the internet don’t share my appreciation of the good work the owners of Young House Love put in on their site. These individuals have focused on what wasn’t good […]

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  • Sunshowers

    The strangest rainstorms are the ones that happen while the sun is shining. I was listening to A Way with Words the other day and they were talking about the regional differences in names for this type of event. I personally have never called it anything special. One term that Grant and Martha mentioned was sunshower. […]

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  • Today…

    …I shall accomplish something – just one thing – on my to-do list. …I shall not give in to my inner grouch. …I shall speak words of truth AND grace. …I shall try to get a song in my head that is NOT "It's a Small World After All." (Ongoing mental torture!)