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  • Social Self-Censorship

    If I was a “normal” person, I’d write more on this blog about things that really matter. That “normal” person existed a year ago. Before I started working for the City. Before “It’s a Little Plano” madness swept the interwebs. Before I people whom I don’t know follow and engage with me on Twitter and […]

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  • Two Weeks (Plus Some) Later

    I had my second round of stitches removed just over two weeks ago. Scar 2.0 isn’t nearly as “pretty” as Scar 1.0. Those are the breaks, I guess, when you have to have surgery on top of surgery. It’s angry and red, far bumpier and sensitive to the touch. Vanity, vanity…thy name is Shannah. And […]

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  • I Unpacked a Box

    The Hayleys are some tired people. And I would just like to say THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. You know: Pay off the house, work close to home…life slows down and gets a bit easier, right? Right?!?! So far for us – not so much. Kelly has declared that THINGS must […]

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  • Quick Update on that Whole C-Thing

    A bit of a bummer – the lab results came back and the cancer was a more widespread than my doctor thought. Thursday afternoon Dr. Q’s office called to say there was still evidence of cancer cells at the edge of the tissue she removed over a week ago. The end result, it seems, is my inch-and-a-half scar […]