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  • A Honey of a Tour

    We’ve purchased Desert Creek Honey since 2008 to help with Kelly’s allergies. Plus local natural honey is just yum for cooking. I’ve written many times about how much we love to tour factories – if there’s a chance to see how something is made, we are THERE. I’m sure part of my fascination with watch-it-made […]

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  • Rooting for Rutabaga

    Rutabaga? What’s that?  This is a rutabaga! Thanks to our Greenling delivery, we had a couple rutabaga to enjoy. Rutabaga is a variety of turnip – a nice and tasty root vegetable. I adapted a recipe from one of my veggie-focused cookbooks to create a tasty fix-it-and-forget-it crockpot meal. The following is my revised recipe. […]

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  • Stuffed Mushrooms

    I was so happy to have a bag full of cremini mushrooms in our Greenling delivery – the perfect base ingredient for a Super Bowl appetizer! Stuffed Mushrooms Cremini mushrooms Herbed cheese (we’re partial to Alouette’s low-fat garlic herb) Chipotle sauce Bread crumbs Preheat oven to 375F and line baking sheet with foil. Thoroughly wash and […]

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  • A Big Green Box O’ Goodness

    Friday night a big green box was waiting on our front porch for us. It was chock full of seasonal, organic and locally grown (if possible) fruits and veggies. Thank you, Greenling. The Hayleys are happy to have one less shopping task on the to-do list and can’t wait to get cooking (or eating, if you’re […]

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  • I Feel Badly, But…

    We went in with three other families to butcher a steer. For just $225 (including purchase, butchering and transportation costs), we have 63 lbs of grass-fed beef in a variety of cuts and our freezer looks like this: We’ll enjoy the beef for the next 12 months, but I feel very brokenhearted about the fate […]

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  • Avoiding Frankenfood

    Over the weekend, we were talking about our feelings regarding the over processed, genetically modified, hormone-filled foods that are prevalent in the United States. Side note: I know that not everyone shares my views on this and I’m ok with that. I just know that I’ve always been healthier when living overseas where food isn’t […]

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  • Fruity and Fabulous

    The cantaloupe we purchased at the farmer’s stand was huge. One melon gave us enough meat for 3 breakfasts of fruit sprinkled with cereal 2 desserts of fresh fruit cubes a delicious Cantaloupe Agua Fresca I’ll confess I was a bit skeptical when I read the following recipe in my latest issue of Southern Living. […]

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  • Enjoying the Summer Bounty

    We are really enjoying this summer’s fruits and vegetables. Nothing beats vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh Noonday onions. Or a fresh-fruit smoothie. Or a salad, chock-a-block full of crunchy goodness. Delicious. (Posting this is making me hungry!) Last weekend we stopped at a roadside farmer’s stand on our way back to town. We stocked up on […]