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  • Catching Up

    Being “caught up” is a strange feeling.  Somewhere beyond the to-do‘s and the someday-I’ll‘s is the land of caught up, and once you arrive you feel a bit bewildered.  Am I allowed to sit and pet a kitty? Can I go to the pool and simply sit in a lounger and read a magazine? Is […]

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  • White Space

    My friend, Random Cathy, and I have both written about the importance of white space. It amazes me how I can so quickly forget the lessons I’ve previously learned – like the importance of white space. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Overwhelmed by work, home responsibilities, guilt over lack of connection with friends […]

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  • Making an Upgrade

    For years – years – we’ve had a sad little block of knives. These knives have moved with us nine times and prepared countless delicious meals. Yet still, they were showing their age. That’s how “get real kitchen knives” ended up on my 101 list. However, I knew that replacing our knives wouldn’t be an […]

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  • A Great Weekend

    This weekend was just great! Somehow, without feeling stressed, we managed to fit in a: run at the lake another visit to Hypnotic Donuts fun family get-together for a surprise birthday party 5-mile walk around the park laundry reorganizing the kitchen It was wonderful. I need approximately 6,809,235 more weekends just like it. Source