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  • Mentoring

    For what felt like forever, I was afraid of being a mentor. I didn’t know enough. My career didn’t have enough awards marking the journey. The world didn’t know my name. At some point, I realized that a mentor is simpy someone who has been on the journey longer. Every experience leads to wisdom (be […]

  • Friendship
  • Just Say It

    The last couple of weeks have been difficult. I lost a friend/former coworker/protege, along with her husband, in a tragic accident. And honestly, I didn’t know what to say about how I felt, so I said nothing. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that silence is an acceptable response when words are inadequate. As a […]

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  • The Secret Ingredient

    For months, I’ve been pretty convinced that old age had finally caught up with me. I didn’t want to cook, didn’t have energy to clean. I didn’t want to travel, was secretly relieved when plans cancelled. I couldn’t stay awake during movies and laying around in pajamas sounded won-der-ful. On December 30, I figured out […]

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  • When Things Become “THINGS”

    I’ve focused on being intentional this year – truthfully longer than a year when I look back at things I included on my most recent 101 list developed in late 2012. Intentional has meant a lot of saying no to things. Even to things that I truly enjoy, like frequent dinners with friends and spontaneous […]