• Faith
  • My Favorite Album…Live

    I love Andrew Peterson’s album, Behold the Lamb. It’s everything that Christmas music should be – beautiful narrative, a story of a story and amazing musicality. I listen to this album all year long (really), but it’s especially meaningful during the Christmas and Easter seasons. We make every effort to attend the album’s annual Christmas tour. […]

  • Fun
  • It’s a Miracle!

    Doctor Miracle, that is – an opera. An opera that I went to see, by myself because The Boy said he’d rather die than watch an opera. Actually, he said many things – some hysterically funny – but none that are suitable for public consumption via this blog. He’s a very naughty Boy. I’d toyed […]

  • Running
  • Unintended Consequences

    Sometimes when you are running on the local park trails, listening to your Makes Me Wanna Sing Out Loud iPod playlist, you may find yourself singing out loud. PS – it’s really cool when you run out from under the tree canopy and into the first light of day just as Gloria Estefan belts Coming-out-of-the-dark. […]

  • Family
  • Not Exactly What We Expected

    In the midst of the Hayley madness, The Niece is experiencing a bit of her own madness. It’s end of term…time to turn in final projects, offer final performances, attend banquets, study for final exams and complete assignments that have been put off for far-to0-long. This week, we tackled one such assignment: attend a classical […]

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  • The Music of Christmas

    Hands down, my favorite music genre is Christmas. Even though we have a huge collection of Christmas CDs, I would buy a new album (or two or three) every year if I could. Blame my dad. Each year we’d pick up the newest Happy Holidays! Christmas album from True Value. The album was a compilation […]