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  • Gospel Brunch Time

    I’ve wanted to go to a gospel brunch for-ev-er. For a while, I thought we might attend one at the House of Blues in Dallas, but those were offered less frequently over the years and it didn’t feel right to miss a service with our own church family to attend a brunch downtown. Kelly and […]

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  • Holiday Wrap Up: Part 3

    Ok, last holiday-related post: The Boy and I, because of multiple reasons, didn’t really feel very holiday-ish this year. Lotsa drama, plus The Boy’s DI…it was hard to feel in the mood. Shopping was done at the last minute (very atypical for me). Decorations were only partially hung. We didn’t drive to look at lights […]

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  • We Love Coldplay

    Coldplay is a polarizing band – I get that. Either you like them or you don’t. I love the band. I think they are great. I’ve noticed that many people that I like also like Coldplay. Coincidence? I think not. Anyway. One of the things I like about the band (outside of their music) is […]

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  • Music, Glorious Music

    On a whim, I stopped in at a local Dallas church to listen to a cello concert this weekend. It was part of a salon-style Performing Arts concert series. Over the course of an hour and half (give or take some), the principal cellist of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Adkins, led us on an […]