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  • Marking a Record

    This year was the big 1-5 for the Hayleys – 15 years of (mostly) wedded bliss. As DINK (Dual-Income-No-Kids), we’ve been a footloose and fancy free household. In 15 years, we have: Lived in 5 apartments Rented 1 house Owned 1 house Cared for (and spoiling) 3 cats Moved overseas (and back) It only seemed […]

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  • I Sent a Text

    I sent Kelly a text the other morning, just to let him know that I loved him. He never answered. That night was his usual evening commitment, which means I tend to either book evening meetings or work late. When I finally got home, I found a box of donuts from Max’s on the kitchen […]

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  • Do Not

    Do not tell your husband, Don’t laugh. Do not tell your husband, I don’t want to hear mocking comments. Do not tell your husband, I have a good reason for doing this. The truth is, you’re wasting your breath while giving him fair warning that he needs to rev up his joke machine. This is […]