• Family
  • A Eulogy for My Grandma

    My grandma was a faithful reader of this blog. I’m going to miss her comments moving forward. This is the eulogy I shared at her funeral services this weekend: I was born two months before my grandma, Juanita Alloway, turned 50. She died 45 years later, just three months after our final conversation – an interview for […]

  • Travel
  • Garza Blanca – The Great Hayley Getaway

    The Hayleys needed a vacation. Work has been epically busy, plus our Galloway running group duties and a host of other things we’ve said yes to over time. Then there’s the whole, Hey – we haven’t been on a proper vacation in over two years thing. That’s how we found ourselves in Mexico right after Thanksgiving. We found a beautiful resort, Garza Blanca, owned by the same group which owns Sierra Lago where we’d enjoyed a wonderful vacation several years ago. Garza Blanca didn’t disappoint.