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  • Three Days at TED Women

    I had the privilege of attending TED Women this fall. It was a very different experience from TED Summit 2016, but was equally mentally exhausting. I participated in a pre-conference workshop with the Brightline Initiative, which was worth the entire trip. We focused on why organizations struggle to move from strategy ideation to strategy execution. […]

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  • How To Soften New Sheets

    Battling the boy cats to put sheets on our bed, in addition to normal wear-and-tear, led to more tear than we’d like in our sheets. Fortunately Macy’s had a giant sale – 700 thread count Egyptian Cotton blend sheets for just $50 (normally $130). I ordered two sets right away. But here’s my surprising discovery, very expensive […]

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  • Easy Fruit Infusing

    With the increased humidity that accompanies summer in North Texas, along with the start of a new marathon training season, Kelly and I need to amp up our water intake. Drinking water, though, can be boring. Very very boring. We do a variety of things to encourage ourselves to drink more. We add small amounts […]

  • Food
  • Save the Berries!!

    We’re in the midst of a late-summer berry bonanza in North Texas. Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries are all available, sweet and juicy, and at prices too good to let pass. But berries are notoriously tough to keep fresh when they are this, well, fresh. Unless you know a little trick: Vinegar. I stumbled across this tip on […]

  • Running
  • Fixing a Running Problem

    This isn’t about running form or sore feet or chafing. No, this is about another running problem: Rust stains. Sometimes you’re given bum safety pins to attach the race bib to your shirt. Unfortunately, you don’t know that you have bum safety pins until after you remove the pins and find that your massive amounts […]