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  • Welcome Spring!

    Just before dusk last night, The Boy glanced outside and said: Our grill has dandruff! Small ice flakes were making a mark – nothing too exciting. After all, the weatherman had said we’d have some flakes and a dusting of snow. Nothing major. Just before heading to bed a few hours later, that slight mark […]

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  • My Week

    It’s Friday and I find myself at a loss for words…really. It’s just been one of those weeks. You know, a week that starts with a geyser in the garage announcing the return of water to the Hayley House. And it couldn’t have been a worse week for having to shower at the gym, haul […]

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  • Today I Am…

    Clever! No time to boil potatoes (I know, I know…how long does it really take?!), so I figured I could boil them in the microwave. Success! Clutzy! I suppose every great idea comes with a host of problems…like mashed potato water boiling over inside the microwave. So much for saving time: But most of all, […]

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  • Finding Home

    Driving home from dinner the other night, we cruised past our old apartment complex. It’s a weird thing, I said to Marathon Man. Him: What’s that? Me: I used to think “Ah, we’re home!” whenever I spotted the complex, but now I don’t. Him: Well, it’s not home anymore. Me: True enough. But I thought […]

  • Furbabies
  • Bad Ben

    We’ve had a great handyman working at the Hayley House this week on an assortment of small projects.These are the type of projects that the Hayleys could probably do ourselves, if we were willing to break out an instruction book and pinky swear not to fight with each other. They are also the type of […]