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  • The Great Pantry Purge

    I’m not quite sure when I realized that our pantry was a disaster, but it was sometime during the Christmas break. I worked from home for the Christmas-New Years week rather than driving in to a nearly empty office. I suppose, working from home put me in constant proximity to my pantry. And that’s when […]

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  • They Kicked In

    The Boy told me at some point the steroids would kick in. He said that, if his experience (and the package warnings) were any indication, that I would be restless, hyper and unbelievably busy…Shannah x 20. I’ve been on steroids for over a week now. Dragging around. Still in pain. Exhausted. Disappointing, really. And then […]

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  • When Everything Is Out of Control…

    When life swirls out of control – the kind of out-of-control where you really truly absolutely cannot change anything – it’s helpful every now and then to take control of something that you can. So we did just that this weekend. Laundry, ironing, cleaning out the pantry, catching up on long-neglected Netflix discs and cooking were […]

  • Work
  • Nothing Better

    After a very long day filled with: Designing and preparing client gifts (using the technique I blogged about last year) then Packing client holiday gifts, followed by Researching and proofing 357 names/addresses for a mailout list, with breaks for Answering a billion emails then Sitting in a late-day meeting that, subsequently, ran late, meaning that […]