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  • I Learned it on NPR

    The Boy laughs (at times) about my love for NPR‘s weekend shows. Car Talk, The Splendid Table, Wait Wait, This American Life, A Prairie Home Companion … I could go on. And what’s the point of this  love letter to NPR? This is the point: You can learn stuff on NPR. Stuff that’s useful. Stuff like […]

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  • I Don’t Know!

    Things are hectic. Hectic, harried and stressful for both us at the Hayley house. So much so that The Boy and I got entangled in a ridiculous argument on the way home from work the other evening. I’m not even sure how it started – a brief discussion about should we do this versus maybe […]

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  • Going Downhill

    Things are not going well for the Hayley Herb garden. A reminder: here are our baby cilantro plants on May 10th: Here are our cilantro plants nine days later: What’s going wrong? Too much sun? Too many thunderstorms? The curse of the red pot? Thoughts, advice and good luck charms welcome in the comments.