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  • Riding DART? Beware.

    I was going to title this post: Trying to reduce our carbon footprint earned us a $75 fine. But that just took up too much space, as did: How conserving gas by riding public transport cost us more than 3 tankfuls of gas. But first, some background information. Last night, we attended a Dallas Stars […]

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  • Ummmm….Thanks. I Think.

    With regularity, I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that I think the US Postal Service has become complete rubbish. My grievances are many: Mail carriers talking on their cell phones instead of focusing on sorting mail into the appropriate slot Lost letters Slow delivery Service station workers take lunch from 12-1, when everyone goes […]

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    I wish Inauguration Day was a national holiday. Regardless of your political gender, Inauguration Day is full of optimism and carries the sense of a fresh start – it is captivating. That’s not to mention that it is the culmination of an important part of our political process: the peaceful transition of power. Today, regardless […]