• Food
  • Deciphering Gin

    Gin has always been a mystery to me. It’s not an alcohol I would choose – too stuffy! Too odd! Too 1950s Britian! Yet we like martinis and, after a dinner out, we discovered we liked gin martinis. We just didn’t know why. And with the massive selection of gins at the shops, we had […]

  • Travel
  • A Storybook Bed

    I didn’t take my personal pillow to Killeen for our overnight stay – everyone else in our group did. Often I do take my pillow because it’s easier to sleep on a familiar pillow. (Seriously. At least three other people that I know will agree with me.) But I didn’t this time because, honestly, I […]

  • Work
  • Signs You Work With a Brit

    It’s breakfast club day and my good friend brought in homemade hot cross buns.¬†Lovely! However, when I went in to get my breakfast, I just had to laugh when I saw the note she’d scribbled to the Breakfast Clubbers. It was just so…British! The circle is mine for emphasis. And ironically, I had to borrow […]