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  • Mom, Consider Us Even

    I’ve been giving my mom a little Shannah-specialty assist over the past month. A tweak here and there on something she’s written, a draft for a bio statement, and suggestion or two for a fun contest at her office. My mom sent a text to let me know that she’d won the contest that I’d […]

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  • And Now There are Two

    It’s hard to believe that two years have passed already! Yesterday afternoon, The Niece moved out (heading on to university) and The Hayleys are back to a family of two (four, if you could two spoiled-think-they’re-people furbabies) for the first time since August 21, 2009. And as all student moves go, this one was not free […]

  • Faith
  • Feeling Thankful

    There’s a push for “Thankfulness” making the rounds on Facebook. While I’m not participating, it’s been interesting to read what my friends are feeling thankful for these days. However, today I feel the need to express thankfulness. We’re heading at noon to East Texas to celebrate the life of a good friend – a very […]

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  • Inspector Terry Says

    We had the Hayley-Home-To-Be inspected yesterday. The house has a major problem with exterior wood trim, but we knew about that when we bought it. (That’s why the house is such a great deal!) The house also has various and sundry other small problems. Nothing that will keep us from closing the deal – but […]

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  • Finally, After 9 Years

    Well, we finally know how to be married – we spent this weekend at a marriage conference! We’ve been married a long time – almost double digits! Nine years in the bank. Nine years hitched. Nine years with the same last name. Pretty cool stuff.  (By the way, have I mentioned that our 9-year anniversary […]