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    Whew. Another big we-needed-to-do-but-hadn’t-done item checked off the list: We now have the proper amount of life insurance. (What’s the proper amount? 10x your annual income.) Getting insurance isn’t hard, but it does take time – and bodily fluid contributions, paperwork and a meeting with an insurance health reviewer.

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    I have no recollection of what all has happened since my last post nearly a week ago. That’s not entirely true. In the last five days: The Boy has had his surgical bandages removed and a cast installed – more security, but less mobility. We found out that we narrowly missed an electrical fire from […]

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  • The Cotton Bowl

    As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we took my parents to the Cotton Bowl last week. We had lots and lots of fun, even though we didn’t win the game. But this post isn’t about all of the people that were there. Nor is about the purple overload that surrounded us during the K-State pep rally. Nor the crazy […]