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  • Fruit of a Quieter Schedule

    I can tell that my life has slowed down to a more reasonable pace. (And that’s a good thing!) I finally finished scrapbooking Hayley Life 2009…now on to 2010, but not before detouring back to finish scrapbooking our time in the UK {hanging head in shame: that was 2005 and 2006}. But hey – at […]

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  • A Very Sweet Treat

    I wanted to do something slightly different than my typical baked goods for workplace gifts this year.  In searching through blogdom I found a creative idea: cupcake jars! The hardest part of the gift was tracking down half pint wide mouth jars like these: Next year, I’ll definitely stock up on these during the summer […]

  • Work
  • Gift Idea – And How-To

    It’s hard to believe, but I’ve already finished pulling together holiday gifts for our clients. {I’m almost done with the Hayley’s Christmas gifts as well, but that’s another story.} Just like in my private life, I’m always looking to save a penny when it comes to how the company spends money. It’s not that I […]

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  • Waste Not Want Not

    So what to do about with all the extra material from my chic-ifying table project? Recover a chair! I had a chair that I’d picked up from a friend to use in our new mini-office. It was fine, but the material felt a little heavy. {Can material be “heavy”? Does that even make sense? Anyway…} Before […]

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  • From Eeeck to Chic

    While we were working on the antique desk, The Boy mentioned that he’d like to move the accent table that we used to hold our laptop into the library to free up space in the family room. Great idea! Then I had what I thought (at the time) was an even better idea: I’d paint it Antique […]

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  • Finished? Really? YES!

    I have an announcement to make. {Ahem.} The desk rehab project that I started two and a half months ago is done. That’s right, I’ve finally stopped stripping, priming and painting. I’ve even moved the desk from its temporary home in the breakfast room back into the library where it belongs. Finally, eh? When we […]

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  • Can We Get a Light in Here?

    I was a busy woman this weekend. In addition to the normal grocery shopping and cooking, cleaning and running, I: bought a new table (comment from The Boy: Will you ever stop shopping for this house? My unspoken answer: As long as I’ve got it budgeted – no.) started working on improving the airlock (aka, […]