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  • We Love You…

    I posted the recipe for The Boy’s ultimate chocolate chip cookies the other week. When The Niece posted “I miss those!” on my Facebook wall next to the cookie’s photo, I knew a certain college student was in dire need of a late semester care package. So we made a batch of the Uncle’s chocolate […]

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  • Since You Insist…

    This is the simple card I gave The Boy for Valentine’s Day. I found it here. Valentine’s this year was a kiss-and-a-craft. We’re saving our pennies for a very nice meal out with our friends, J&S, and fully funding our emergency fund. That’s true love.

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  • DIY Holiday Coasters

    Bridget and I decided it would be fun to make some festive drink coasters for the Christmas season.   You’ll need felt sheets (inexpensive at any craft store), fabric craft glue, scissors and felt ornaments. I picked up several packages of the ornaments for 75% off in last year’s Christmas clearance sales. Enjoy how soft […]

  • Running
  • One More Thing…

    The shirts the boys wore to run the Marine Corps Marathon? I designed them – the back logo and all. “Running 26.2 for the Red White and Blue” The company that printed them liked the design so much they offered to trade me something for it. Because I was running behind, I got express processing […]

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  • Literary Lovely

    Long ago I bookmarked a tutorial on how to make a book wreath and finally got around to making mine over the Labor Day weekend. I needed a distraction. The Boy said I have a problem sitting still and being. He’s right. Anyway, to make a book wreath you need craft paint (black, grey or brown), a […]

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  • Weight Off My Shoulders

    Last weekend I just finished a major 101 List item. Three, actually. Last weekend I finished scrapbooking our life in the UK. For a bit of context, we moved back to the US from the UK in fall 2005. That’s right – nearly six years ago. It’s a project I started working on in 2008. […]