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  • How To Soften New Sheets

    Battling the boy cats to put sheets on our bed, in addition to normal wear-and-tear, led to more┬átear┬áthan we’d like in our sheets. Fortunately Macy’s had a giant sale – 700 thread count Egyptian Cotton blend sheets for just $50 (normally $130). I ordered two sets right away. But here’s my surprising discovery, very expensive […]

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  • And Yet Another Fix

    So the dryer hasn’t really been working well and I knew exactly why. Our vent needed to be cleaned out. I’m not talking about the brush-out-the-vent-hose kind of clean. We needed the pull-everything-from-the-wall-vent kind of clean. We were fairly certain it hadn’t been done in years and years and years. I called a local dryer […]

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  • Fact

    Cleaning the oven is a project that will make you beg the Lord to stop punishing you from the sin of not cleaning the stove more often. You will barter with the oven – promising to clean it more frequently if it will only get less gunky. It will make you reconsider your life decisions, […]

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  • Quick Tip Saturday

    I’m slowly working my way through deep-cleaning the Hayley house. (Let’s just say it was long overdue.) Up this week before work: Clean the toaster. We have a stainless steel toaster and it had gradually built up a layer of ick. I’m not posting a photo of that because, well, it was icky. To clean […]

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  • Save the Berries!!

    We’re in the midst of a late-summer berry bonanza in North Texas. Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries are all available, sweet and juicy, and at prices too good to let pass. But berries are notoriously tough to keep fresh when they are this, well, fresh. Unless you know a little trick: Vinegar. I stumbled across this tip on […]