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  • Tossing It Out

    I finally did it. That’s right, I threw away all of my old unmentionables. The drawer, formerly full of the wrong size, the worn out and the forlorn was cleared out to make room for a bag full of right sized, in mint condition replacements. Definitely not going to show these on a blog for […]

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  • Foldy No More

    Remember when I treated myself to lovely new riding boots? I still love those boots. They are a-ma-zing. But the way they’ve been living in my closet is a little less-than-amazing. Behold the foldy boots: Bridget is way too curious It was time to do something to prop those babies up, so I turned to […]

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  • My World is Flat(ter)

    My broken foot last summer taught me something. And it wasn’t that I look awesome with an ortho boot on. It’s this: I can’t really wear heels as a daily public transport commuter. The car-to-train-to-office-to-train-to-car hike kills my feet if I’m wearing a traditional heel. {And there was great sadness in the land.} So I […]

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  • Cold Weather Cool

    Fall has finally arrived in North Texas – in the low 60s during the day, mid 20s at night. Y’all, that’s cold around here. Thus I’ve taken to wearing layers at night. No lie: this week I found myself wearing crazy jammie pants, a nightgown and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Klassy. (Yes, with a K.) I […]

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  • Artsy-artsy

    I’ve always wanted to go to an exclusive art gallery opening. First, I wanted to know what that experience would be like. Second, I’ve always wanted the opportunity to have a private tour by a museum conservator. So it was my very good fortune that my company is the presenting sponsor for the gorgeous Kimbell […]

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  • Granting Permission

    After living on a tight budget for so long, it’s hard to give yourself permission to do things that you really must do. Things like buying new clothes – even when your current clothes are falling off your body because you’ve finally achieved your BMI and have kept losing weight. It’s hard to give yourself […]

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  • Brief Beauty

    The Boy calls my plant pot collection in the garage the “plant graveyard.” That’s not very nice, I don’t think. Yes, I just killed my cactus that I’d successfully kept alive at my former company for five years, but I don’t kill all of my plants. Just most of them. But we have a new […]

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  • 41 – 67

    From the keeping it real files: In the world of airbrushed and Photoshopped, living in the land of make-up and blow-outs, this is what 41 years and 67 days looks like after: living in Europe and Africa living and working in six states changing jobs after 14 years with a company supporting your spouse’s job change […]