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  • Adding Some Sparkle

    I’m all in favor of simple things to keep you feeling your best – emphasis on┬ásimple. You won’t find me doing anything extreme and, thanks to my lovely naturally strawberry blonde hair, that includes any dye jobs. But whitening my teeth to combat any yellowing caused by my love for coffee? YES. When I told […]

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  • The Next (Gen) Step

    My friend A, who knows all things beauty, suggested I give Next-Gen nails a try when I wasn’t sure what I thought of my gel manicure. So I did: Another great, long-lasting performance. This is about 5 weeks later on the day I had them removed: Yet again, my nails underneath took a bit of […]

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  • Dye-ing To Try It Out

    I’m a ginger. (In case you hadn’t noticed.) But specifically I’m a strawberry-blonde,┬áspecial emphasis on the blonde. That’s all fine and good, particularly for compliments on my “Pretty red hair” which is all mine – not bottle-infused. But it’s not fine and good for eyebrows and eyelashes. Those suckers are blonde. Invisible. Might as well […]

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  • Do Not

    Do not tell your husband, Don’t laugh. Do not tell your husband, I don’t want to hear mocking comments. Do not tell your husband, I have a good reason for doing this. The truth is, you’re wasting your breath while giving him fair warning that he needs to rev up his joke machine. This is […]