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  • Birthday Fun

    It’s only a month past our birthdays, but still – this year’s birthday-fest was the BEST EVER. Excellent birthday cards: Beautiful birthday flowers:   Tasty birthday lunch: Happy birthday happy hour at our favorite pub: Fun birthday brunch: Amazing birthday dinner: Delicious birthday cake (by Bianca): Best birthday gift ever to each other – paying […]

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  • Happy Birthday!

    I love this guy. I love him more than words can express. It seems very fitting for such a happily co-dependent couple to have birthdays that are just one day apart. We can turn our individual birthdays into one big two-day BIRTHDAYs FEST. Lucky us! But really, lucky me for finding the one person who […]

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  • Reflections on 42

    42 seems like an awful number, when you put it in print. Particularly when you think of 42 in context of age. 42 means I’m no longer entering my 40’s. By 42 I am firmly planted in my 40’s. 42 means I’m now twice as old as my mom was when she had me. 42 […]

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  • Running a Confidence Game

    I read an article not long ago that talked about stars who “improved” in their fashion choices as they’ve gotten older. All of the ladies featured in the story were 42 and over. The story not only analyzed the clothes worn, but also the apparent confidence level of each individual. That got me to thinking. I […]

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  • I Wonder…

    Why is it that you never hear comments like: Ah, you’re celebrating your 21st birthday, right? or: It’s wonderful to be 29, isn’t it? until you are over 40? Sigh. And for the record, if I had to pick an age I’d want to repeat, it would be 25 (my favorite birthday while living in […]

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  • A Birthday Celebration

    So how do you celebrate a birthday? Especially when: There are two birthdays to celebrate and One is a “big” birthday. I’ll tell you how – you gather up your best friends and go to a “big” landmark in Dallas, Reunion Tower:  Once you’re there, take a ride up 560 feet to the top of the ball […]