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  • TEDxPlano 2017 – Plus Something New

    TEDxPlano 2017 was phenomenal. More speakers than ever. More attendees than ever (sold out house!). All in all, an incredibly satisfying evening.       This year we’ve started a new initiative: The TEDxPlanoSalon series. These small groups curate the attendees rather than speakers. With a specified topic, the attendees debate and create their own […]

  • Recipes
  • Recipe | Baked Tofu

      The Hayleys love tofu but cooking it properly (press, dust in cornstarch and lightly fry) feels time-consuming. When I spotted this recipe for baked tofu on The Kitchn, I had to give it a try. Our assessment? Brilliant. I now keep baked tofu in the fridge all the time for quick weeknight stir-fry dinners. […]

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  • Better at Paint-By-Number

    Finally got around to taking a painting class. To get it done required girlfriends and wine. That’s not a bad thing, in my mind. Anyway, we celebrated Cathy’s birthday by being artsy. She’s artsy, so this fit. My goal was to paint this: This was my finished product. Not quite the same, but not horrible. […]

  • Home
  • Making a Clean Sweep of It

    Update on my housecleaning conundrum (detailed in this November 2016 post): Our fantastic Hire a Cleaning Service lasted less than six months. Quality of cleaning went downhill over time (never awful, just incomplete). Then bizarrely, when we cancelled a service in order to travel for my Grandma’s funeral, the service never started back up. So…ok. […]

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  • Recipe | Tuna White Bean Salad

    Spring has sprung in Texas. Actually winter was a complete miss, but now that plants are budding I’m declaring it Official Spring! Regardless, I crave lighter things in spring – cold cereal, juices for breakfast, salads and fresh-squeezed limeade. This salad strikes the perfect balance between filling and light. Tuna White Bean Salad Inspired by this […]