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  • The Hoff Hits Downtown

    This only happened three months ago. But life and whatever. One of our newish local business owners is related to David Hasselhoff. So what do you do when you open? You invite family to help you celebrate. And if said family is The Hoff, you also make him an honorary citizen. You also get him […]

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  • Recipe | Freezer Garlic Bread

    Is there anything better than being able to whip together a homemade meal on a crazy weeknight in 30 minutes or less? Prep-ahead freezer cooking is the way to go, my friend. Kelly and I are currently obsessed with this super-easy make-ahead freezer garlic bread. Freezer Garlic Bread 1 large loaf French bread, sliced lengthwise […]

  • Fun
  • TEDxPlano 2017 – Plus Something New

    TEDxPlano 2017 was phenomenal. More speakers than ever. More attendees than ever (sold out house!). All in all, an incredibly satisfying evening.       This year we’ve started a new initiative: The TEDxPlanoSalon series. These small groups curate the attendees rather than speakers. With a specified topic, the attendees debate and create their own […]

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  • Recipe | Baked Tofu

      The Hayleys love tofu but cooking it properly (press, dust in cornstarch and lightly fry) feels time-consuming. When I spotted this recipe for baked tofu on The Kitchn, I had to give it a try. Our assessment? Brilliant. I now keep baked tofu in the fridge all the time for quick weeknight stir-fry dinners. […]